guys Education and Youth Development Department (EYD)

The Department of Education and Youth Development (EYD) is mandated to conduct training for Youth Development Officers in all the States of the Federation; provide Youth Work Training at Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate level; undertake youth Work Education and training programmes in partnership with National and other International institutions which are involved in similar activities; encourage professional development of Youth Workers, and Training of the Trainers (TOT).  The Department coordinates the running of Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Diploma course in Nigeria in collaboration with University of Abuja, and the various National Youth Development Centers in the Country among other functions that hinge on research and the conduct of short courses.The Department has two Divisions namely:

Youth Education and Training (YET)

The main mandate of the Division is to conduct training of Youth Development Officers in all States of the Federation; provide Youth Work Training Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate levels; undertake Youth Work Education and Training of the Trainers (TOT).  Other functions include:  Coordinating the running of Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP) Diploma course in Nigeria in partnership with University of Abuja.

Youth Centers and Camps (YCC)

The Division is responsible for the management and coordination of youth activities in the National Youth Centers (NYCs) and hold Youth Bilateral Relation with countries. Similarly, the responsibilities of the two Divisions are aimed at achieving the holistic development of the Nigeria youth, and enhancement of the capacity of Youth Development Officers.