Malam Nasir El-Rufai has said that Kaduna State needs a public service that is competent, confident and is committed to delivering social services to the people.

Speaking today (Monday, 10th October 2016) at the official launch of the Kaduna State Public Service Revitilsation and Renewal Programme, Governor El-Rufai described public service as the vehicle through which government delivers its policies and programmes to the people.

“The public service is the agent of governance. No matter how progressive the creed of a political party is, it cannot deliver concrete programmes without an efficient and effective public service.”

He explained that the public service in Kaduna is faced with many constraints and is in need of comprehensive reforms. “In Kaduna State, the public service is afflicted by many constraints. There are skills gaps, and the age distribution is skewed against younger staff. There are challenges with discipline and accountability and a tendency for bureaucratic sluggishness that is often indistinguishable from inertia.

“Therefore, we have given careful consideration to a Public Service Reform Programme to reinvigorate the public service, motivate and restore the professional pride of the public servant and upgrade skills levels to match the best public services in the world. We have no doubt that if well-supported, such a reform programme can deliver for our state a dedicated, dynamic and cost-effective public service.

“This reform programme also offers a much-needed window to inject the vibrancy of youth into the public service. Having more young, well-educated persons in public service ranks will also result in the public service more closely reflecting the demographic of the state it is serving.

“We say clearly to the young people of Kaduna State, this is your chance to enter public service. Seize it and make a worthwhile career from truly serving the public!”

Bashir Mohammed, the Director General of Bureau for Public Service Reforms said the reform programme will address the current challenges of the State’s Public Service based on a multi-faceted approach, all aimed at repositioning the Service as an efficient service delivery organ of the government.

He explained that a key goal of the reform project is to renew public service ranks with 30% of youths between the ages of 22 and35 in 2016 immediate term, and 50% by 2018 in the medium term. The State has already begun taking steps to achieve this goal by creating a job portal where youths in the State with tertiary education qualifications, between the ages of 22-35, can submit their details. This is to enable the government to have concise information about the number of unemployed graduates in the State and database from which to recruit youths.

“This will restructure the public service, improve its efficacy and enhance the ability of public servants to effectively serve the 9-10 million residents of the State. The reform project aims to resolve issues impeding public service efficiency, address low productivity rates, redundancy, duplication of roles, high proportion of aged workers, unskilled staff as well as the inherited N14bn pension and gratuity bill.

“These reforms are designed to have no adverse impact on serving officers, but they offer a window for voluntary retirement. A review of archaic civil service rules that have impeded the efficiency of the workforce will also be undertaken. The reforms are focused on undertaking a strategic capacity renewal of the public service to guarantee sustainable service, efficiency and productivity towards making Kaduna State great again.”

Public service reform launched as Kaduna targets youth recruitment

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