Enterprise Development and Promotion Department (EDP)

The mandate of the Enterprise Development and Promotion Department is to contribute to the achievement of the Youth Empowerment goal of the Ministry by working to provide an enabling environment for the youth to acquire sustainable means of livelihood and contribute to state development. The department is responsible for the development of a number of policies and programmes to empower the Youth to become self reliant.

1. Specifically, the Department has responsibilities for:

i. Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Youth Employment and Self Employment Programmes.

ii. Coordinating the activities of Ministry, Departments and Agencies(MDAs) involved in Youth Employment and Job Creation;

iii. Liaising with Development Partners, Corporate Organizations in delivering Youth Employment/Self-employment programmes and projects;

iv. Advising on the formulation, implementation and reviews of policies, projects and programmes on youth employment/self-employment matters.

The organizational Structure of the Department comprises:


The efforts of the Ministry of Youth and Sport since it was created in 2015 has been focused on creating an enabling environment for youth employment/self-employment promotion through the development of policies and programmes that will promote an enabling environment for youth employment creation.

Measures to facilitate the creation of Business Enterprises by Youth have been implemented through the delivery of training programmes, which involves:

Skills Acquisition Training in various Vocational, Agro-allied, and Entrepreneurship development skills.
Provision of grants and start –off materials to beneficiaries.
Youth Development Centres have also been constructed in the state, to provide the Institutional settings for the delivery of Youth Development programmes in Kaduna state, especially skills acquisition programmes.
Policy measures have been put in place to ensure that Kaduna state responds more effectively to the challenge of Youth Unemployment.

Enterprise Development and Promotion

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